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Hey Tavis!
I’ve been meaning to send you and Stancy a note forever. I’ve been traveling like crazy the last few weeks. I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me out before my Sonoma trip. I lost 5 lbs! And have not gained it back. My thighs looks smashing! If you ever need a reference, let me know.


Oh my goodness that is truly amazing. I can’t believe the difference in the pictures. That makes me even more excited to keep up with my new routine. Thank you again Stanci. I am so glad I finally decided to call you after many times watching you on t.v. and wondering if it would really work for me because of all the things I have tried and failed at. Since I have started the Zerona I have really started taking my health even more serious and seeing those pictures make me feel a million times better than I did even with just me knowing how much better I feel in my clothes and how much better my clothes are fitting me. I can now wear clothes I haven’t worn forever. I am truly excited and happy that I made this decision. Thanks again for your encouragement and hard work because I know I made you sweat with all those extra curves (smile). Thanks again and tell Tavis and Payton that Mariah and I said hello and we will miss you all. When I am ready to do this again I will for sure call you (and it won’t be because I gained more just because I want more gone) you can keep those 16.75 inches of fat (smile). You take care until we meet again. Thanks for everything.

- M.D.

Due to an injury, I had gained 20 pounds and then lost it very rapidly. Since I hadn’t been able to work out for a while, and had just begun working out again, I was looking for something to jump-start the the toning process. Based on what I had read about Zerona in terms of not only fat loss, but toning and reduction of cellulite, I decided to give it a try.


Here are a few photos of me in my black dress looking smoking hot.
Thanks again Zerona Zone for making me look thin and beautiful.


- TS


Thanks for getting me bikini ready;) I’m gonna come c u guys this week sometime.


Hi Tavis & Stanci -
OK . . . so so so meant to email / call you earlier and just let you know how much I appreciate what you guys do!!! My 2 weeks in Florida were great – I really didn’t mind strutting around in the bikini AND even think I looked pretty good – hee hee! Everything you guys do there is amazing and it has really been an uplifting experience for me. Seriously – you need to start something up here!

Thanks again for everything – you haven’t seen the last of me!! We have some nasty hospital bills that just came in for Cooper’s asthma episode – so it might be awhile, but I may pop in if I am down in that direction!

All the Best! And be well!

Just wanted to drop you a quick note saying how happy I am with my results, Stanci, Robin and especially you. I truly look forward to each and every session. Even if I am not in the best of moods when I get there it changes so quickly, almost as soon as I walk through your doors. I can forget the daily grind of life for a little bit and that in itself is priceless to me. I have started caring about myself and my appearance again and I owe it all to you. I have forgettone what it is like to go shopping and actually enjoy it, to paint my nails and pamper myself. I have taken care of my husband for so long I forgot about me. Thank you so much for everything, I am forever in your debt. Have a great Monday and I will see you tomorrow.


Wanted to thank you again for the AWESOME massage with Lisa. She did a great job – actually relaxed me and then gave me the energy to do the Treadmill. That was sweet of you to call also.

I’m through with all that now, and am headed to bed to relax some more. This had been one of the most positive changes in my life. And I have you to thank for it. Just needed a little (more like big) shove to get going – and I even think I have more energy now. I’m sad that Friday is my last day, for a week at least, but only 3 more after that. Might have to sign up again

Have a good day Thursday – I’ll see you Friday. Thank you SO much again, and thank Lisa for me again also. I’m THRILLED with the fact that I connected to “THE BEST” zerona by googling close to home



Thank you so much Stanci!! It is just amazing the results you can get in 3 weeks!!! I would and will refer anyone to you!! I honestly can tell you put your whole heart and soul into your business. You should be very proud as well.


I was so scared to try Zerona – fearing it would be a total waste of my time and money. Boy was I wrong! I’m thrilled with my results, and loved every minute of my experience. I will miss my 1:30 naps at Zerona Zone!!

Thank you for taking this newly 50 year old and making me feel like a 40 year old again.

I’m ready for my bathing suit! Thanks Stanci!

…Thank you for doing exactly what you promised – giving me the jump-start I needed to get back to taking better care of myself. With your help, I am thinking about what I eat, I’m actually drinking water for a change, kicked my Diet Coke habit, and I’m seeing so many positive changes to my body! You’re an angel, and the entire group at Whole Health made me feel like family. I’ll be back for workouts and massages, but not Zerona. I won’t need it. Love you guys!!

I have a ways to go, but I am so happy with the start you have given me. Thank you for everything.

Stanci, As you know – my family told me I was crazy for spending my money on this. Well now I know THEY are crazy for NOT spending their money on this. Now that they see my results and motivation, I’m sure they’ll be in to see you soon. Thank you so much for convincing me to give Zerona a try!

Baby fat, GONE!! Thanks Stance! I’m so happy!!

Stanci, thank you so much for helping me fit back into my shorts! My boyfriend told me yesterday that my legs look great. That was a first!! I am so happy that I met you. Thank you for all of your support when I was stressing out. My co-worker is calling you tomorrow to schedule her consultation. I showed her my results, and she’s more excited than ever to meet you. I’ll be in touch with you soon! Thank you again.

When I opened this email, it made me cry. First, I cried at how happy I am to see the “dreaded” before and after pictures. (you were right, I AM happy I let you take them!) Next I cried at how sweet your email was. You are one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. I couldn’t have done this without you. THANK YOU so much for everything!

You helped me get it off – now it’s up to me to keep it off. I CAN DO THIS!!
Thank you for getting me back into my workouts too. It’s been a great 3 weeks. I wanna do more!!

…What do you know? You can teach an old body new tricks!

What a great experience this has been. Just don’t ever make me listen to James Taylor again. LOL! Thank you for everything.

You asked me for a quote. I’m going to give you one of my favorite Stanci quotes. “Treat your body as well as you treat your car!” You are filled with encouragement, but that one in particular will stick with me the longest. Thanks to you and Tavis, I’m treating my body even better than I treat my car. And you know that is BIG!…

…when you hugged me goodbye, did you feel that? It’s called a ‘waist.’ I actually have one now…

Stanci, where to begin? You didn’t throw me out or judge me when I cried at the consultation. You didn’t ever lose patience with me when I was freaking out every time I saw you. You didn’t ever make me feel anything but beautiful when I was getting my treatments. What a gift I gave myself by coming to Zerona Zone. Thank you for the great changes you helped me to make. I will take my new found body & knowledge and keep going in the right direction. It’s not enough, but thank you from the bottom of my (now smaller) butt! 

I knew gaining fat could be fun, but who knew losing it could be? It’s been fantastic. Thank you for your help in shrinking down! Now I don’t have to go buy fatter clothes! LOL!

Stanci, thank you for giving this old man a much needed confidence boost! It took me years to get that gut, but you got rid of it in just a few weeks. Impressive! Thanks for always getting up so early to accommodate my crazy schedule. You’re a doll.

Dear Stanci, I about fell over when I saw my before and after pictures!! I was so focused on getting rid of my fat outer thighs that I knew other parts of my body were shrinking, but I had no idea that I had lost so much in those different parts!! Until I saw what I looked like 3 weeks ago compared to what I looked like yesterday! WOW!!!!!
I know I will enjoy the much “SLIMMER” body that Zerona Zone gave me over all! I am amazed at the inches I lost!!! I truly want to thank you and Tavis. You both are sweet, kind and wonderful people! Thank you for everything. Please tell me I get to keep the before and after pictures, Hopefully I can send more business your way from these pictures!!

Wanted to thank you again for the AWESOME massage with Lisa. She did a great job – actually relaxed me and then gave me the energy to do the Treadmill. That was sweet of you to call also.
This had been one of the most positive changes in my life. And I have you to thank for it. Just needed a little (more like big) shove to get going – and I even think I have more energy now. I’m THRILLED with the fact that I connected with THE BEST Zerona provider!

Thank You so much. Your Customer Service is AMAZING!!!!!

…I feel like I should have paid more. I signed up for zerona, but ended up getting the zerona/mental therapy combo package. thank you for always listening to me complain. you’re better than my hairdresser!! great results too!

I’ve gone over and over the pictures (haven’t shredded them yet) – I have really lost a lot of inches. You guys have really changed my life – my energy levels are really coming back, and I feel so much better. And I have never, yes never had the strength or desire to exercise the way I have. And I owe that all to you two – thank you so much!

Hi Stanci,
Thanks for the pictures. I feel fantastic! I would be happy to be a reference for Zerona Zone :)

Thank you for such a wonderful experience. And feel free to use my pictures for marketing. I’m happy to show off my new rockin’ bod! Just don’t put my name with them. I’m not quite THAT ready to show it off. HA!

Good gawd!!!! Is that really what I looked like from behind??? After I threw up, I looked at the “after” shot and was so pleasantly surprised. Thank you for your help. That awful back fat is almost gone! You are a miracle worker.

I never dreamed I could have such a good time losing fat. Thank you for making me a laugh and putting a smile on my face no matter how $@##% my day was! I came to lose fat, and gained a better body and great friend in the process…

So, I’m not your oldest client at 73. I’m not your biggest loser at 18 inches of fat lost. I better at least be your favorite client. I’ll be happy if I made the favorite client top 10! You are such a lovely person. Thanks so much to you and the gang. I’ll be seein ya.

BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!! Thank you for everything.

You did the impossible. You made a believer out of me and my hard-headed husband. Fantastic results! 13.5 inches of fat lost. So awesome!!

Stanci, I can’t believe the over all loss! Thank you so much!

Stanci, Man what a good thing that is happening here. I can hardly wait until I start my next six sessions!