Let’s discuss cold lasers first.

Cold lasers, also known as low level lasers, have been used by medical practices for more than 30 years to treat headaches, allergies, pain, inflammation, wound healing, tissue repair, etc… Despite their long history, we’ve only just began to see everything that cold lasers can do!  Each cold laser has it’s own wavelength, and your cells and tissues respond differently to varying wavelengths and frequencies. The two types of medical lasers are simply: High power and low power. High power lasers cut through, burn, or vaporize tissue. High power lasers are also known by several other names, including hot lasers, surgical lasers, or Class IV lasers. Hot lasers emit more than 2,000 mw of power, and because of this, they are potentially dangerous.

The Zerona laser is a cold laser, and it uses a lower frequency than hot lasers. Cold lasers provide many different benefits without the potential to burn, scar, or harm the cells and tissue. Don’t be confused by the term low-power, though. Low-power does not mean that the laser is ineffective or not as powerful as hot lasers. Low-power simply means that the lasers operate at a power that can stimulate the tissue or cells without the potential of burning or harming the patient. Cold laser treatment is not only safe, but it’s use has actually been proven to lead to better health. When scientists began testing extended exposure of low laser light on mice they were surprised to find that the exposed mice lived longer and healthier than the controlled group. Cold laser therapy has years of scientific research backing its effectiveness, and it has been proven that cold laser therapy stimulates your cells and improves their natural healing process.


So how does the Zerona Laser work specifically?

The frequency of the Zerona laser helps targets the fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of your body, just under your skin. The laser penetrates your fat cells causing the fat inside of these cells to break down and to liquefy. This process also causes the outer wall of the fat cell to become temporarily porous. Because the cell wall is now permeable the fat that was liquefied can now easily leave the cell. Your body’s natural detoxification system then gets rid of the fat from your body. While the Zerona laser has thew ability to penetrate fat cells, the laser poses no risk to damaging or destroying other cells or tissue. Other lasers that actually destroy or remove the cells come with a lot of risk, the least of which is that when your body destroys fat cells in a target area, it can actually stimulate fat cell growth in other areas of your body, causing you to get bigger and store more fat!  Zerona laser treatments are completely safe and effective for shrinking fat cells without damaging them. This powerful combination results in the loss of inches off your body!